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One thought on “First blog post”

  1. Oh my. I didn’t know I had a blog! I AM A BLOG. Barbara H., if you see this, thanks. Drop me a note if you like. I am a retired English prof in Portland, Maine. I do have a FB “site” I still visit–hoping to see news of MY grandkids, one beautiful girl and two handsome rascals, both mysterious and remote as Shawn the Penman and Shem the Post (Joyce’s FINNEGANS WAKE–the whole and hole of my bucket list, my tunnel to China, etc.)o–but here’s a story: once when we were visiting our daughter in Alpharetta, GA, at dinner hoping to ease my chronic Adult Onset Attention Deficit Disorder, I reached to pour myself a 3rd glass of wine–daughter has recklessly expensive taste–my wife, probably annoyed by my subliminally discerned restlessness, reached over and seized my wrist: Cut it out! I never wanted to me married to a wino!
    Rather late, after 55 years or so, for second guesses, but I’m an obedient old dog, though it’s been a long slow but steady decline. The next morning, my granddaughter Elyse came into our bedroom and gave me a cool kiss on the brow, just above what’s left of what I think could be called my Neanderthal occipital ridge, and when my eyes popped open to see what was going on, she said, You don’t look like a wino! You look like a Grandpa!
    She must have been about 9 or 10. Now she’s 13 going on 33, and Grandpa lives with his heart in his mouth.

    Cheers, KR


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